Ok But on a more serious note, welcome to a webpage I may or not forget eventually and/or may never update who knows.
I am overambitious and god cannot punsih me for my sin

Ouuuugh holy fuck watch out hes got a baguette!!!!!!!!           ඞ🥖                     Watch out!!!!! Holy shit!!!!!!!!

Look at my posts boy

Look at my videos i guess almost all of them r stream vods and are also bad

oh hey look it me

i gotta lotta stuff i kinda wanna do with this site so list time bitcheeeees

  1. Make a "features i wanna add" list/update section
  2. Make a proper about page with links and everything (ie: youtube, twitch, twitter, newgrounds, neocities, probably whatever other accounts i can that may or may not be relevant. hell i could throw my steam page up their if im feelin spicy
  3. Make a Cool Link Page
  4. Make a Cool Music page
  5. Actually making a "what is toaster listening to now?" box would be baller tbh. and/or add my various huge playlists
  6. Make a "Current Projects" page, sorted by type (writing, art, music, 3d, video making/editing, video games, etc) (yeah i have a lot of intrests sue me)
  7. learn 2 spell
  8. make a "how to" page, filled with "guides" on how to various things (aka reformat my 3 am ramblings from discord lmao)
  9. maybe make a lil blog page? idk that could be neat
  10. actually a page where i *eventually* put my writing could be swag and cool
  11. maybe a page of various large resources i keep gathering could be good
  12. some sorta comments/talk page/guestbook i guess idk
  13. if ur one of my freinds hello hi!!!!! i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! throwing rocks at you but they are filled with love!!!!!!!!!!
  14. if ur not one of my freinds the same applies but more moderately.
  15. also the rocks are normal rocks
  16. prolly get a tabs page runnin. embed images. go crazy go stupid.
  17. making some buttons or something could be swag
  18. page where i share cool art n shit i find on the internet
  19. did u know all of these are numbered automatically
  20. its great
  21. i need to become more weird, autistic, transgender, and insane. i mean it. ill fuckin do it too. not even like, scp n shit. Ill start posting about orions arm. dont fucking try me